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Have you ever had the desire to create without limits?

My name is Sonya Paz and I am a professional artist, brandmaker, designer and business mentor.
I have taught thousands of individuals how to paint and create, to gain confidence in their creative journey and become empowered with art classes and brand marketing.

Self paced art classes and workshops where you can create an art project in a step by step format from start to finish.
With achievable lesson plans with easy to follow videos and downloads you will be creating in no time with great success.
You get a front-seat view with evergreen content where you manage your schedule with the benefit of online virtual learning.

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With over 25 years of being a professional artist. Sonya has taken her art to the next level with creative virtual classes to teach you art and marketing on many levels. Through her journey, she has mastered marketing and has been a brand maker with her signature pop art style.

Learn many elements of the art industry, classes, marketing, branding, confidence and more through her online classes and virtually and in the comfort of your home or office.

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Learn from professional artist Sonya Paz, art painting techniques, personal style, confidence and what types of tools to use and when!  These classes and courses are designed to fit your schedule and comfort zone.
Explore a variety of art styles to fit your personality and style from basic art techniques to more advanced courses or learn the marketing and business so you can expand your creativity! 

I'm Sonya Paz

Hi Everyone, My name is Sonya Paz and I have done it all there is to know in the art business. From having my paintings and products being represented nationwide to owning my own self represented art gallery. I have developed a huge variety of retail products based on my whimsical pop art style, watches, ceramics, textiles, home decor, jewelry, sculpture, wearable art and more.

In 2016, I started the "The Rockstar Mentor" podcast where I help creative individuals gain confidence with selling their art.

I am also the owner and founder of, a creative virtual learning platform where I teach virtual painting events with others in a social and fun atmosphere.

What Clients Are Saying

Read what our clients have to say about online learning and our artful classes!

My daughter and I loved the Raining Hearts virtual class we did with Sonya's instruction.  Sonya is an amazing teacher and I love the colorful paintings we made.
I will be back for more classes!


I am NOT creative or artsy whatsoever. But, Sonya's instruction makes it so comfortable for newbees like me to learn. Her step by step process is upbeat, sassy and they get me out of my analytical brain and let's me us a different part of my brain which helps me relax.


My friend & I loved our virtual paint class. Was so fun, good to laugh and I found the activity very relaxing. This really gave my mind a break. And Sonya is a real artist, she taught me some great techniques that made all the difference!
I highly recommend Sonya's classes!


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